Zibby Jahns is a collaborative multimedia theater artist who creates costumes, puppets and sets and also performs as part of various ensembles. She has most recently worked with Crunchtown Players, Black Forest Fancies, The Mudlark, Marigny Haus and the Backyard Theater. She also works in video and film, on both non-narrative video art, documentary film, and documentary photography. She is currently wrapping up a collaborative documentary about queer farmers with Jonah Mossberg entitled "Out Here".

Bio photo, tintype collaboration with Dinah DiNova

Performance Photos:


ra ra radio

Ra Ra Radio at The Music Box (2012)


Salome in City Park (2012)

vanities otpoor

Vanities of the Poor (2012)

Video Stills:

out there

Out Here (2011)

mapping shadow

Mapping the Shadow (2006)


Healing Spaces (2006)


Fixing a Flat, Oakland, CA (2010)

Under the Stage, Pescara, Italy (2011)

mountain greece
Mountain Top, Greece (2011)

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