“The Pomology of Sweetness and Light” is a large scale puppet operetta that involves an interdisciplinary collaboration with the fields of stop-motion animation and dance. We follow the tale of Johnny “Appleseed” Chapman, an American folk hero whose wholesome identity is complicated by the little-known fact of his thwarted engagement to a ten year old girl.
Legend has it Chapman ended the engagement when he saw the girlflirt with a boy her own age… Our story is told from the child bride’s perspective.
Her understanding of the world and Chapman’s philosophy are expressed through puppet craft and acrobatics. Our puppets range in size from 4 to 10 ft. This is a story of exceptional beings, inspired by the journey of the apple on the frontier. Onto the backdrop of the American Eden, we graft the figures of Dionysus and Snow White,
of St. Lydwina and the Big Bad Wolf. We put these fables into conversation to tell a story of misfits seeking their place in the new world. Through a juxtaposition of scenes from our collective folklore, we seek to create newly meaningful hybrids and revive a story of forgotten love.

Music by Alleyn Evans and Stix duh Clown from "My Graveyard Jaw" and Jesse Stotzfus from "Debouche".

Animated projections by Thomas Little.

Movement Direction and puppetry: Raven Hinojosa

Puppeteers: Amanda Stone, Otter Powers, Libby Hendon, Zibby Jahns

Aerialists: Andrea Duhe, Dani Roviera