Nina Nichols

is the active president of "The Black Forest Fancies Non-Profit Organization", an experimental community arts promotional group, helping to extend the gifted members of the arts community of New Orleans to work with dreamers all over the world. Nina is a theatrical designer, parade arts teacher, playwright and installation artist working and living in New Orleans. Her work emerges from a fascination with sustainability, natural diversity, wild pollination and mutation.

nina 9

Lafcadio's Revenge, Prospect 2 Biennial, a collaboration with Dana Sherwood and Tessa Farmer

nina 1nina 7

New Orleans float for Dream Parade Taipei summer 2012

nina 6

Mural in Mexico City summer 2012, a collaboration with Jesse Roadkill and Tony Bonesnina 8

Country Day Nautical Society summer 2012, "Nina's Kids"

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Death Witch tour of France and Spain summer 2012

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