Libby Hendon

has been involved in fun projects since 1982.  Recently,
she is co-founder of 'Table for Two' (since 2009), an evening-long
experience involving costumes, music,
shadow puppets, food, and traveling set design, each in a unique
related theme, which challenges the boundries of audience
In 2011 she toured Greece  on bicycle with a two-woman marionette and
stick puppet show of eastern European folk tales.
She got to help develop a live radio show performance along with a
huge and amazing cast of Crunchtown Players, making noises in her
first folley folly for 'Ra Ra Radio' in the spring of 2012.
Then came home in time to be part of 'Swamp Romp' with the Sweet Gum
Bog Puppeteers for the 2012 New Orleans Giant Puppet Festival.

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