The Cachet Art and Culture Program is a collaboration between artists and educators,

The Black Forest Fancies and The New Orleans Pharmacy Museum.

It aims to strengthen the intersections of culture, health and healing, and to provide

a space for exchange and interaction between individuals, the community and the institution.

The Pharmacy Museum is a space of historic medical significance and New Orleans is a city with vibrant,

active art culture. The Cachet program intends to blend past and present, fact and fantasy,

medicine and magic to concoct new understandings of history, health and the colective spirit.



Who We Are

The Cachet Art and Culture Program is an ongoing opportunity for artists and educators to have access to

the New Orleans Pharmacy Museum as a place of research, exhibition and outreach for an amount of time appropriate

for each artist's work. Each Participant is required to present new works in this time as well as to

facilitate open educational programming of their choice.



Interested artists send a letter of intent, bio and proposed dates of activity to:


The New Orleans Pharmacy Museum

An institution to further interest in the history of pharmacology and promote its further development

for the benefit of the general public.

Pharmacy Museum Website


Current Artists in Residence

Goat in the Road Productions is a New Orleans based performance ensemble dedicated to the production

of original and invigorating new works of theater, dance, performance art and

educational programming.

Goat in the Road Website

Current Project: Anesthetic


2013 Events

Ouch: The Body In and Out of Pain

Hosted by The Pharmacy Museum, June 5th from 7-9 p.m.

A panel discussion at the museum which focuses on the theme of pain. A diversity of perspectives

discussing a variety of questions developed by the Goat in the Road ensemble to further their research

and engage the public in the explorations of this work.

For more information and photos click here.