Anais Adair

is a performance artist, living and working in New Orleans, Louisiana.

For years I lived at a rural arts community nestled in the back hollows of middle Tennessee, but moved to New Orleans in 2008 to pursue performance and commune with this inspiring and feral metropolis. Now I spend the time flickering between my two wildernesses.  I'm employed as a dancer/performer, garden designer, facepainter, educator, etc... a handydame of various delights. I enjoy what I do.

Eat My Red Delicious, performed by Anais Adair and Julia Taylor as part of TEST Performance Art Event Boston, 2005

dia de los 2008

Dia De Los Muertas, large puppet parade New Orleans, 2008

sometimes at the allways anais

Sometimes at the Allways, a Scotty Heron dance production,  Marigny Theater  New Orleans, 2009


Chameleon Portraits and The Newstand, interactive multimedia installations I created  for children while teaching at the 2010 Country Day Creative Arts summer program, Metairie, LA

n.o. tableau anais

n_o_bienniale anais
Leonide Massine, Pablo Picasso, Erik Satie, Mercure, 1924 in "Tableau Vivant: A Wandering Retrospective," performed by the New Orleans Society for Tableau Vivant as part of Prospect1.5, 2010

salome anais 2salome anais 1

Salome, a traveling theater spectacle through New Orleans' City Park,  Crunchtown Productions, New Orleans 2012


Lead Paint Libretto, New Orleans Fringe Theater Festival 2010

living canvas anais

Living Canvas, an interactive performance piece for children at the 2012 New Orleans Press Street Drawathon
(there are really good pics from this that I haven't got my hands on this will have to do)

vanities anais

The Vanities of the Poor, New Orleans Fringe Theater Festival 2012home btn